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Prefabricated Orthotics - Manufactured in Australia

PolyFab Orthotics goal, is to restore optimal arch height and function, since it is the loss of arch height, that is the most common factor behind foot pain and deformity.

PolyFab Orthotics have been designed and manufactured  to maintain arch height during activity, yet allowing the shell to flex, for comfort and functional pronation.

PolyFab Orthotics are a ¾ length orthotics with a polypropylene shell. They allow limited pronation, for shock absorption and then assists re-supination as load transfers to the forefoot, allowing the muscles, tendons and bones of the feet and lower legs to function at their highest potential. 

Polyfab Orthotics support all three arches of the foot, the medial or inner arch, the lateral or outer arch, and the transverse arch behind the metatarsal heads. This type of orthotic is often used to improve or eliminate pain in the legs, feet and lower back due to abnormal function of the foot, while relieving foot fatigue and discomfort.

Sports And PolyFab Orthotics 

PolyFab Orthotics allow for dynamic balance of the foot while running or participating in sports. By guiding the foot through proper functions, it allows the muscles and tendons to perform more efficiently. PolyFab Orthotics give you functional correction, so the foot structure has improved alignment, to assist propulsion, making walking, running and sports more mechanically efficient.